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Final CEDAR Event — March 24, 2016

Please find all details on CEDAR’s final event here.… (continue reading)

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Harmonization efforts


Harmonization is a fundamental task in CEDAR to improve census data quality and comparability. A first release (r1) of harmonized census data is available at the SPARQL endpoint

under the graph group <>.

The harmonization rules that have been used are available in human and machine readable format here.… (continue reading)

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CEDAR Harmonize, hands-on session


The 507 census tables contain several dimensions, which correspond to the column and row headers with the properties (gender, marital status, etc.) that the census numbers describe. These dimensions, though, are not coherent between datasets: they can be named differently, and even be defined in non-comparable ranges.… (continue reading)

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CEDAR census RDF dataset alpha release, v0.1


We’re pleased to announce the first (alpha) release of the Dutch historical censuses dataset as Linked Data. Point your browsers and applications to the SPARQL endpoint

The conversion of the original dataset in Excel has been performed with TabLinker.… (continue reading)

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